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Standalone ECU

A standalone ECU is for those who demand full control of the parameters of the engine as well as provide highly race functions such as custom traction control, boost control, switchable fuel and ignition maps and many more.

The standalone is versatile and can adapt to virtually any configuration. Furthermore the ability to tune on the fly (while the engine is running) ensures precise tuning and optimzation of the various components. Apart from racing cars with modifications that will increase the torque and horsepower by more than 30-35% compared to the original. when a stock engine sees an increase of 30% or more, most of the original sensors, actuators, fuel injectors etc would have reached their maximum limits. These components need to be changed and the standalone allows this flexibility easily.

The engine management systems are well designed with special attention to resistance to interference from other engine components. The main processor is soldered to the ECU board and not in a socket. This ensures a high level of reliability. All models can be in-field upgraded by downloading the latest firmware. Marine versions of the V44 and V88 are available. These are not just in a sealed case like other makes of ECU. The whole case of the Vi-PEC ECUs are filled with Silicon making them 100% water proof at all times. The V44 model is ideal for small water craft like JetSki's, the V88 for ski race boats.

In 2013 Emtron Australia created a range of high end engine management systems for a market requiring additional power and flexibility. The product range includes output and input channel capability not commonly found in the aftermarket. The company aim is to provide the latest electronic component architecture and ensure only the best performance. Although the company is in its infancy, it is built on many years of engineering experience at both hardware and user level.

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