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ECU Chip Tuning

Reading and writing of the ECU can be done either via OBD2 or via Bench Flashing that entails using special tools and at times manually connecting wires to pads on the circuit board. ECU Chip tuning is recommended for cars with bolt-on modifications that do not exceed performance gains of more than 30%. This method of tuning is very restrictive and inflexible as it is governed by the protocol set up by the manufacturer/ECU. However for car owners looking for a modest performance gain, better drivability, sharper throttle response and overall fuel economy improvement, ECU Chip tuning is preferred. 

WinOLS Software

WinOLS is considered by many as arguably one of the best and most complete tuning software available to date. Used by professional tuners, WinOLS allows the tuner to access up to a few thousands maps in the ecu, thereby allowing the tuner to tune virtually any parameters of the engine.

We are officially trained to use WinOLS. With more than a dozen years of race winning and in-depth tuning experiences and knowledge, you are assured of getting your car properly and professionally tuned.

We offer the following stages of tunes;

Stage 1: fuel efficiency and power/torque improvements of up to 10%.

Stage 2: with added performance parts upgrades, power/torque improvement of up to 20%.


We don't recommend power/torque improvement of over 20% for a stock car/engine as we feel that the integrity and durability of the stock engine and related parts will be compromised.

EVC Tools (Hardware)

These tools are used for Bench Flashing. There are a few procedures to flash the ECU depending on the make of the ECU. ECUs that use the EVC BDM/BSL utilise special probes that connect the pads on the circuit board to the reader. This is a fail-safe method as there is no risk of short-circuiting components on the original circuit board.

List of applicable cars

List of cars that can be ECU Chip tuned. Click here to download

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